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SALES DEVELOPMENT REP job vacancy in California | 25th and staffing

Job Title


Job Type

Full Time

Industry / Specialization

Healthcare & Medical - Sales & Marketing & Business Development

Qualification Requirements


Years of Experience

4 Years

Job Availability

From: 28-Sep-2021   To: 29-Oct-2021

Job Functions

The Company

The mission should you choose to accept is to empower survivors of sexual assault to end sexual violence. We do this in many ways with one goal to help improve a survivor's experience after a sexual assault. Internally and externally, we try to foster a caring and welcoming environment, a community of independent, socially conscious individuals, who together create a safe space for all. If you are passionate about supporting and helping survivors... there's only one thing to do... APPLY and create something enduring with us! We provide a rape kit and a holistic solution for sexual assault survivors, allowing them to take care of themselves when professional care is not accessible. Our mission is to transform existing systems of sexual assault prevention, care, and justice to better serve survivors.


What You’ll Be Doing on the Team

As a Sales Development Representative (SDR) Generalist, you will use a combination of phone, email, video, social media, and Drift to help build our sales pipeline by connecting with prospective partners, understanding their unique needs, and identifying the best way to position our goals in sexual assault recovery.  

Knowing that something like this hasn’t successfully been done before, leaves us with a lot of creative opportunities to move the needle on sexual assault care and justice.  As we are a scrappy and young company, you’ll have the opportunity to master your sales skills in an environment that fosters continuous learning and growth. With creative freedom and autonomy, the growth potential is boundaryless

About you and what type of skills you’ll need to be successful

  • Thrive off relationships! Cultivate deep relationships with partners, identify additional business opportunities to expand partner value
  • Customer Centricity Over EVERYTHING
  • High sense or urgency that can learn, adapt, and pivot in sales strategy and in every conversation
  • Understanding of Transformative Justice framework and approaches in the context of the markets we are entering
  • Energetic and positive communication skills, high calibre listening skills, and strong writing skills
  • High degree of resilience that enables you to jump back and keep pushing forward
  • Skills to articulate the value of our organization and holistic sexual health and wellness (empaths highly desired) clearly and passionately
  • Self-sufficient and practices extreme ownership of your work
  • Strives for continuous improvement
  • Work ethic is unmatched; whatever you do not know is met with peaked curiosity and interest to apply into future strategies
  • Passionate about sexual health & wellness and combatting sexual assault and sexual violence
  • Understands the scale of the problem our organization is solving and is passionate about sexual assault advocacy and prevention
  • Does not need all the answers to be able to find success
  • Must have sold into the US. Colleges and Universities. Or in the Military 



  • As a Sales Development Representative (also known as PDR/Partnership Development Representative), you will be responsible for prospecting and identifying new partners for the team.
  • Work with the Head of Partnerships, Product, and Marketing, to help businesses understand the value of the team and provide our services as a organizational benefit
  • Prospect into US Higher Education market and generate pipeline for the Company and carry that baton in the beginning phases of the sales cycle
  • Educate prospects on the value of Our Organizations sexual assault health & wellness solutions via video, phone, email, social media, and events
  • Conduct weekly analysis of SDR pipeline and develop strategic plans to further cultivate growth
  • Navigate through a complex series of buyers to understand pain points, gaps, and drive urgency to consider Our Organization as a possible solution
  • Maintain and update accurate log of activity in CRM (e.g. HubSpot)
  • Execute Our Organization’s One Engagement model to ensure new partners have positive and delightful sales and implementation experiences
  • Build success infrastructure to support our ability to sustain our relationships and find new opportunities to deliver meaningful results based on our partner's needs
  • Collaborate with team members to share and learn from best practices


                        See a lot of yourself here or the experience you can thrive in?

Job Requirements

  • A bachelor's degree in sales, marketing, business, or related field.
  • Successful completion of coursework in sales techniques, marketing, and communication may be advantageous.
  • Strong communication, interpersonal, teamwork, and customer service skills.
  • Good time management and analytical skills.
  • Good telephone etiquette and computer literacy skills